Kick-off Workshop



Kick-off workshop will be held on Mon 29 Feb 2016.

Date and time

Mon 29 Feb 2016 


NSTDA Science Park


10:00 Welcome Address (Japanese Embassy(Mr. Onga), NSTDA representative(???))
10:15 Introduction of NSTDA (???) : 15 min
10:30 Introduction of JASTIP program (Prof. Ohgaki or Prof. Kono, project leader ) : 15 min
10:45 Photo session and break
11:15  Invited talk (R&D and policy on RE in ASEAN : Indonesia (Prof. Iman))
11:45 Invited talk (R&D and policy on RE in ASEAN : Malaysia (Prof. Masjuk))
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Invited talk (RE Policy in ASEAN (Prof. Kumar))
14:30 Research plan of each group (3 from B2EC, SATREPS extension, KMITL-KU, RE implementation in Malaysia or Myanmar) 15 min for each presentation
16:00 Closing
16:15 NSTDA Lab and Collaboration Research Office Tour
17:00 leaving NSTDA