JASTIP-Net 2016

In order to expand and strengthen the JASTIP activities, we called new research partners who are willing to join our research networks (JASTIP-Net 2016). We finally decided to accept 15 research theme from 21 proposal.

Headquarters (WP1)
1. “Building transdisciplinary network and controlling uncertainty of societal implementation scientific technology toward achievement of SDG’s”

Dr. Takashi Kume; Ehime University  JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Kume

2. ”Social entrepreneurship through collaboration”

Dr. Pichai Uamturapojn; Thailand Environment Institute JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Uamturapojn

3. ”Survey and making stories for newspaper on trends of companies expanding to Thailand and ASEAN”

Mr. Yoshihisa Takahashi; Bangkok Shinbun Co.,Ltd JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Takahashi

 4.  “Introduction of new engaging way for STI collaboration to the Society in the ASEAN regions”

Prof. Yoshihisa Shimizu; Kyoto University  JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Shimizu

Energy & Environment (WP2)
5. “Study on Energy Usage and Quality of Life for Rural Community Through Rural Electrification using Renewable Energy”

Dr. Mohd Amran Mohd Radzi; Universiti Putra Malaysia JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Amran
Dr. Naasrudin Abd Rahim; University of Malaya  JASTIP-Net2016_Report-Nasrudin

6. “Local energy governance” and  Community renewable energy (CRE) in Vietnam

Dr. Takuo Nakayama; Kyoto University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Nakayama

7. “Community renewable energy implementation in Thailand”

Dr. Chatchawan Chaichana; Chiang Mai University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Chatchawan

Bioresources & Biodiversity (WP3)
8. “bioprospecting of plant resources in ASEAN contries to produce highly calue-added products”

Dr. Wichan Eiadthong; Kasetsart University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Eiadthong

9. “Development of integrated process for conversion of sugarcane trash to bioethanol and value-added chemicals”

Dr. Euis Hermiati; Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Euis 

10. “Decolorization and detoxification of synthetic dyes and PAHs by tropical fungi form Indonesia and Thailand”

Dr. Dede heri yuli yanto; Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) JASTIP-Net_2016 Report_Dede

Disaster Prevention (WP4)
11. “Development of hydroinforamatics platform for hydrohazard resilient Asia”

Dr. Kenchiro Kobayashi; Kobe University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_KenKobayashi

12. “Pre-disaster recovery planning in ASEAN – evaluation of recovery plans in Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar-”

Prof. Norio Maki; Kyoto University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Maki

13. “Assessing water quality in the Langat river basin during disaster period using integrated remote sensing and modeling methodologies”

Dr. Muhamad Ali Bin Muhammad Yuzir; Malaysia-Japan International Insitute of Technology  JASTIP-Net_Report2016_AY

14. “ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Information Systems, Disaster Data Science, Disaster Education”

Dr. Natt Leelawat; Tohoku University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_NattLeelawat


“Identifying the meteorologically Homogeneous Zones within ASEAN (Malaysia-Indonesia) and its application for Extreme Rainfall Analysis and Climate Change”

Dr. Nor Eliza Alias; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia  JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Eliza