ASEAN Stingless Bee Networking Workshop: Taxonomy, Ecology, Culture and Products on 23rd October 2014 during Indonesia Science Expo (ISE) 2019

There are more than 500 species of stingless bee in the world. In Southeast Asia, we can find out more than 50 species of Genus Trigona and others. Stingless bee is an important insect for human life as a pollinator, honey and propolis producer. Their original habitats are various types of tropical forests. The wise and sustainable utilization of the bee can contribute to the livelihood of local people who are living in the vicinity of the forests and expected to contribute to forest conservation.

Recently the high value-added products from stingless bee are being developed and their anti-cancer and anti-aging function have attracted the researchers and business sector. Comparing the long research history in American tropics and Australia, the researches on stingless bee and its products are still limited in the ASEAN region. This workshop aims to set the opportunity to connect the researchers of the ASEAN region and to connect academia and business sectors who are interested in the stingless bee and its products.

The workshop mainly consists of oral presentations by invited lectures from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Brunei, but it is also open to the academia, officials and business sector of the ASEAN region.