“STI x Livelihood x Women for the Sustainable Use of Peatland and Mangrove: Female Empowerment in Research and Practice”

Many female researchers have been active on the peatland and mangrove researches; some have been working on the main issues of peatlands and mangrove while others pay more attentions to peatland and mangrove as the livelihood for local communities, where gender mainstreaming is a key strategy for building resilient livelihood.

The session, organized as a side event of ASEAN COSTI-80 on 14 Oct 2021,  brought together female researchers and stakeholders in peatland and mangrove in ASEAN, including NICT and JASTIP partners, to inform the state of the art on peatland and mangrove researches in the region. Active discussion among female researchers was a excellent showcase that the region has still potentials in empowering women in research for environmental and sustainable issues.


Programe (Click the presentation title to download the file)

Topic Presenter
8:30-9:00 Registration
Opening session   MC: Ms. Fitrie A. Nurritasari

 UNESCO Jakarta Office

9:00-9:05 Welcome remarks Prof. Dr. Mohd Adzir Mahdi
Director of Research Management Center, Universiti Putra Malaysia
9:05-9:25 Keynote lecture 1: ASEAN IVO: To Solve Common Social Challenges


Dr. Hiroshi Emoto

Director, International Research Development Office, NICT, Japan




Keynote  lecture 2: Women in Tropical Peatland Research


Dr. Lulie Melling

Director, Sarawak Tropical Peat Research Institute, Malaysia

Group photo
Part I Peatland x ICT x Women
9:35- 9:50 Peatland Management at Raja Musa Forest Reserves in Malaysia Ms. Debora Belawan

Selangor Forestry Department, Malaysia

9:50-10:05 When Peatland Meets Data and LoRaWAN   Prof. Ir. Dr. Aduwati Sali

Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

10:05-10:20 How Indonesia Tackles Peatland Forest Fire Dr. Lailan Syaufina

IPB University, Indonesia

10:20-10:35 Peatland Forest Fire Mitigation Management in Brunei Dr. Wida Susanty Haji Suhaili

Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Brunei

10:35-10:40 Break  
Part II STI x Knowledge x Women  
10:40-10:55 Sustainable Traditional-Knowledge on Peatland Hydrological Management Reduce Soil CO2 Emission, Fire Risk and Biomass Loss Prof. Dr. Dwi Astiani

Universitas Tanjungpura, Indonesia

10:50-11:05 “Women, Peatland and Wellness”: Knowledge on nutrient and bioactive compounds empowering the community wellness Prof. Dr. Christofora Hanny Wijaya

 IPB University, Indonesia

11:05-11:20 The potential of sago palm for plantation on rewetted drainage-impacted peatland Dr. Yukako Monda

 Kyoto University, Japan

11:20-11:55 Panel Discussion

How could we empower further the role of females in research and practice for the sustainable use of peatlands and mangroves

•       From the gender perspectives, adequate balance between conservation and development

•       How to engage more next-gen female researchers and practitioners

•       Possible actions at local, national andregional scales


Prof. Ir. Dr. Aduwati Sali

Dr. Lailan Syaufina

Prof. Dr. Dwi Astiani

Prof.  Dr. C. Hanny Wijaya

Dr. Wida Susanty Haji Suhaili



Moderator: Ms. Fiitrie A. Nurritasari

UNESCO Jakarta Office




Closing session

Closing remarks

Prof. Dr. Eiji Nawata

Director of Kyoto University ASEAN Center, Japan/Thailand