The second Symposium on JASTIP Disaster Prevention International Cooperation Research


The second Symposium on JASTIP Disaster Prevention International

Cooperation Research (JASTIP-WP4 Symposium) will be held at Kyoto

University, Uji campus. In the symposium, we exchange the progress of

the collaborative research on storm and water disasters and earthquake

disasters in ASEAN countries.

Date and time

March 22-23, 2017,


Kihada Hall, Obaku Plaza, Uji Campus, Kyoto University, Japan


Day 1: Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Session 1       Moderator: Shigenobu Tanaka (Kyoto Univ.)
10:00-10:20 Welcome Remarks and Review of 2016 WP4 Activities Kaoru Takara Kyoto U.
10:20-10:40 Keynote (1): Water-related disaster in the Philippines: Issues and Policies Guillermo Tabios III UP
10:40-11:00 Keynote (2): Meteorological and Landuse Influences on the 2014 Flood in Malaysia Zulkifili Yusop UTM
Coffee/Tea Break
Session 2       Moderator: Shohei Matsuura (MJIIT/UTM)
11:20-11:40 Activities in Vietnam Tetsuya Sumi,

Yasuhiro Takemon

Kyoto U.
11:40-12:00 Joint Collaboration in Research and Educational Exchange Between Thuyloi & Kyoto Universities Pham Van Song Thuyloi U.
12:00-12:20 Collaborative Research between TLU and DPRI to Support Dam Safety in Vietnam Pham Hong Nga Thuyloi U.
Session 3       Moderator: Mohd Remy Rozainy bin Mohd Arif Zainol (USM)
13:30-13:50 Activities in the Philippines Kazuyoshi Nishijima Kyoto U.
13:50-14:00 Architecture and engineering for sustainable resilient vernacular constructions in the Philippines Meonada Jose Mari Echevarria UP
14:00-14:20 Activities in Indonesia Ignasius Sutapa LIPI
14:20-14:40 Earthquake Risk reduction strategy in Indonesia after the 2004 Tsunami Disasters Irwan Meilano ITB
14:40-15:00 Collaborative Researches and Activities on Water-related Disasters in ASEAN Countries Anawat Suppasri,

Fumihiko Imamura

Tohoku U.
15:00-15:20 ICT Use in Disaster Evacuation of ASEAN Citizens

[JASTIP-Net Project]

Natt Leelawat Tohoku U.
15:20-15:30 Group Photo
Coffee/Tea Break
Session 4       Moderator: Gerard Thomas Joson (Univ. of the Philippines)
15:50-16:10 Activities in Malaysia Ismail Abustan USM
16:10-16:30 From MJIIT: Education and Research Masafumi Goto MJIIT/UTM
16:30-16:50 Assessing Water Quality in the Langat River Basin During Disaster Period Using Integrated Remote Sensing and Modeling Methodologies [JASTIP-Net Project] Muhamad Ali bin Muhammad Yuzir MJIIT/UTM
16:50-17:10 Identifying the Meteorologically Homogeneous Zones within ASEAN (Malaysia-Indonesia) and Its Application for Extreme Rainfall Analysis and Climate Change [JASTIP-Net Project] Nor Eliza binti Alias UTM
17:10-17:30 Cooperation between MJIIT and Japanese Universities Jun Asanuma U. Tsukuba
17:30-17:50 Discussions on Possible Future Research Plan (1) Moderated by Kaoru Takara
Day 2: Thursday, March 23, 2017
Session 5       Moderator: Khamarrul Azahari Bin Razak (MJIIT/UTM)
9:30-9:50 Activities in Thailand Tetsuo Tobita Kansai U.
9:50-10:10 Basin-wide flood hazard mapping in Sumatra, Indonesia APIP LIPI
10:10-10:30 SATREPS in Vietnam Pham Van Tien Kyoto U.
Coffee/Tea Break
Session 6       Moderator: Takahiro Sayama (Kyoto Univ.)
10:50-11:10 Development of Hydroinforamatics Platform for Hydrohazard Resilient Asia [JASTIP-Net Project] Kenichiro Kobayashi Kobe U.
11:10-11:30 Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning in ASEAN

[JASTIP-Net Project]

Kensuke Otsuyama,

Norio Maki

Kyoto U.
11:30-11:50 Discussions on Possible Future Research Plan (2) Moderated by Kaoru Takara
11:50-12:00 Conclusions