Call for JASTIP-Net 2016(j)


In order to expand and strengthen the JASTIP activities, we call for research partners who are willing to join our research networks (JASTIP-Net 2016). We are looking for researchers who are ready to participate in joint interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary researches and keen on leading social innovation in the ASEAN region for the SDGs.

To apply for the, JASTIP-Net, you are required to choose one of the research themes listed in below, carefully read the following guideline, and send your application to JASTIP Director by e-mail.

Research Themes

  • Headquarter
  1. How to Develop Operational Linkages among Academic Sector, Government Agencies and Private Sectors (Specific issue-based proposal is welcome).
  2. Analytical Studies on Japan-ASEAN STI Collaborations and Outputs
  3. How to Effectively and Collectively Introduce Various STI Collaborations to the Society in the ASEAN Region
  • Environment and Energy Joint Laboratory
  1. Studies on Rural Electrification by Renewable Energy.
  2. Studies on Implementation of Renewable Energy in the ASEAN region.
  3. Studies on Energy Development in the ASEAN region.
  • Bioresources and Biodiversity Joint Laboratory
  1. Studies on Biodiversity in the ASEAN Region Contributing to the Improvement of Identification, Collection and/or Information.
  2. Sustainable Utilization of Bioresources for Biorefinery, Bioremediation, Wood Construction, Food or Medicine.
  3. Plant Improvement for Agroforestry Systems and Carbon Sequestration Contributing to the Mitigation of and/or Adaptation to Climate Change.
  • Disaster prevention Joint Laboratory
  1. Innovative Ideas on Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery Technologies and Policies Peculiar to Each ASEAN Country.
  2. How to Cope with Trans-Boundary Disasters in the ASEAN Region Such as Tsunami, Flood, Drought and Haze.
  3. Understanding and Quantitative Evaluation of Disaster Risks Peculiar to ASEAN Countries.


Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Researchers and/or practitioners who are resident in Japan or the ASEAN region.
  • Researchers and/or practitioners belonging to a university, educational or research institution, private industry and governmental agency etc..

* Applications can be submitted by an individual researcher or by a team of researchers


Obligations after Adoption

  • In carrying on your collaborative research, you must adhere to the various regulations relating to best practice at Kyoto University, most notably with regard to Security Trade Control.
  • Selected research partner must present a report paper when the collaborative research is completed.
  • Selected research partner must make the details and results of your collaborative research for public at, for example, an international symposium by JASTIP.
  • When publishing or announcing the results of your collaborative research (including at public symposiums, academic conferences and on electronic media), you must include an acknowledgement of JASTIP support.
  • Selected research partner must comply with any other inquiries or meeting requests from members of the JASTIP steering committee, etc., until the completion of the collaborative research.


How to Apply

  • Please fill in the necessary items in the application form provided (Application_JASTIP-Net.docx) and submit it by email, as below.

  • Email title should be “JASTIP-Net application”
  • Submit the file in Microsoft Word format.



Application deadline: July 31, 2016 17:00 (Japanese standard time)