JASTIP-Net 2016


Headquarters (WP1)
1. “Building transdisciplinary network and controlling uncertainty of societal implementation scientific technology toward achievement of SDG’s”

Dr. Takashi Kume; Ehime University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Kume

2. ”Social entrepreneurship through collaboration”

Dr. Pichai Uamturapojn; Thailand Environment Institute JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Uamturapojn

3. ”Survey and making stories for newspaper on trends of companies expanding to Thailand and ASEAN”

Mr. Yoshihisa Takahashi; Bangkok Shinbun Co.,Ltd JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Takahashi

 4.  “Introduction of new engaging way for STI collaboration to the Society in the ASEAN regions”

Prof. Yoshihisa Shimizu; Kyoto University  JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Shimizu

Energy & Environment (WP2)
5. “Study on Energy Usage and Quality of Life for Rural Community Through Rural Electrification using Renewable Energy”

Dr. Mohd Amran Mohd Radzi; Universiti Putra Malaysia JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Amran
Dr. Naasrudin Abd Rahim; University of Malaya  JASTIP-Net2016_Report-Nasrudin

6. “Local energy governance” and  Community renewable energy (CRE) in Vietnam

Dr. Takuo Nakayama; Kyoto University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Nakayama

7. “Community renewable energy implementation in Thailand”

Dr. Chatchawan Chaichana; Chiang Mai University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Chatchawan

Bioresources & Biodiversity (WP3)
8. “bioprospecting of plant resources in ASEAN contries to produce highly calue-added products”

Dr. Wichan Eiadthong; Kasetsart University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Eiadthong

9. “Development of integrated process for conversion of sugarcane trash to bioethanol and value-added chemicals”

Dr. Euis Hermiati; Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Euis 

10. “Decolorization and detoxification of synthetic dyes and PAHs by tropical fungi form Indonesia and Thailand”

Dr. Dede heri yuli yanto; Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) JASTIP-Net_2016 Report_Dede

Disaster Prevention (WP4)
11. “Development of hydroinforamatics platform for hydrohazard resilient Asia”

Dr. Kenchiro Kobayashi; Kobe University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_KenKobayashi

12. “Pre-disaster recovery planning in ASEAN – evaluation of recovery plans in Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar-”

Prof. Norio Maki; Kyoto University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Maki

13. “Assessing water quality in the Langat river basin during disaster period using integrated remote sensing and modeling methodologies”

Dr. Muhamad Ali Bin Muhammad Yuzir; Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology  JASTIP-Net_Report2016_AY

14. “ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Information Systems, Disaster Data Science, Disaster Education”

Dr. Natt Leelawat; Tohoku University JASTIP-Net2016_Report_NattLeelawat


“Identifying the meteorologically Homogeneous Zones within ASEAN (Malaysia-Indonesia) and its application for Extreme Rainfall Analysis and Climate Change”

Dr. Nor Eliza Alias; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia JASTIP-Net2016_Report_Eliza